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Key Benefits of using the NEX® Concrete Monitoring Sensor System


Anyone can deploy our devices after a 5 minute training session. Simply create a deployment from anywhere in the world using our online dashboard. Then have someone turn the device on. It’s that easy.


Live, wireless transmission of concrete temperature and strength information is not only smart, but it improves safety and workflow. You are always connected to the curing status of your concrete.


Managing concrete data, like temperature and strength from anywhere is important and often required. With NEX, information is accessible to everyone with login credentials.


With NEX, you can leverage all of the data collected by setting up alerts. After you tell NEX what to keep an eye on, you can move on with other tasks because NEX will notify you of any changes.

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Easily view current temperature, temperature differentials and strength of the concrete in real time.
Deploy NEX anywhere.
View your data everywhere.

  • Determine in-place concrete strength instantly. (ASTM C1074)
  • Monitor concrete temperatures and get alerts for high and low temperature thresholds.
  • Easily monitor temperature differentials, critical for mass concrete applications.
  • Optimize mix designs around in-place strengths using maturity rather than to a small test cylinder, for maximum efficiency, lowest cost, and minimal environmental impact.
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate reliance on test samples (cylinders or cubes) for determining early-age concrete strength.
  • Optimize workflow and labor scheduling for any jobsite by always knowing when the fresh concrete will attain required strength.
  • Gather and archive critical quality control information.
  • Improve site safety by never stripping formwork or stressing post-tensioning tendons too soon.
  • Predict when your concrete will reach a target strength, even when tested at very early ages.

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